Hot Sale: Managing The Logistics Of Mexico’s Biggest E-Commerce Holiday

This week, Mexico’s most important e-commerce event is taking place – Hot Sale 2022. Every year, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) invites brands in the region to join the Hot Sale, a marketing event allowing customers to buy online products at massively discounted prices. Major sponsors including BBVA, Paypal, Kueski and Mercado Pago participate in the initiative to help stores manage digital payments and marketing. And its success has been proven over the years: In 2021, AMVO reported more than 500 million browser sessions through participating retailer websites, generating online sales of $18.5 million pesos for 600 companies.

For 2022, Hot Sale began on Monday, May 23, and runs until the end of the month. Stores from the electronics, cell phones, home appliances, and fashion sectors participate in the initiative to boost their digital sales. But as great as the Hot Sale is for online retailer sales numbers, participating stores need to be prepared for the run on their products. Otherwise, they risk delivery delays and errors when getting their products to their customers’ doorsteps. 

We at CARGAMOS have been preparing our logistics center for a week of Hot Sale madness. Our dedicated logistics solutions for e-commerce help take the pressure off businesses’ delivery and transportation staff and ensure your products get to their destination on time.

Just for this season, we launched a massive recruitment campaign for drivers who would like to work with our delivery app. As a result, more than 1,400 drivers applied for this call. Likewise, we were able to provide temporary employment as warehouse assistants to dozens of people from cities including Guadalajara, Zapopan, Querétaro, Puebla, Pachuca, Toluca, San Luis Potosí and CDMX.

So, how does our logistics solution help companies optimize their logistics for the Hot Sale? Let’s look at some of the main ways CARGAMOS can optimize your supply chain during tough times and high-demand weeks.

Optimizing delivery operations for ultra-fast delivery

One way to stand out from the fierce competition in the sale is to offer reliable and ultra-fast delivery. But this is easier said than done. Before hiring more deliverers that send parcels out, stores need to take a step back and improve the efficiency of their operations that lead to delivery.

Adopting an omnichannel strategy can help you increase sales while lowering delivery costs. The CARGAMOS ship-from-store integration enables you to fulfill online orders quickly and cost-effectively by automating order entry and warehouse fulfillment, as well as other parts of the process. By notifying each employee of new shipments and delivery status updates, smoother delivery goes hand in hand with faster order processing. 

Smart warehouse distribution

If you fully rely on an individual warehouse, you might quickly run into bottlenecks when demand increases. It’s not easy, let alone cost-effective, to send out delivery trucks and maneuver them through bombastic cities like Mexico City.

CARGAMOS offers a warehouse management system that greatly shortens trips to the customer to ensure reliable next-day delivery. Especially in larger cities when delivery routes are clogged with traffic – for example, Hot Sale 2022 – it’s advisable to spread your products across multiple warehouses. Our logistics solution can adapt to your volume and make full use of its delivery capacity. At our network of warehouses across major neighborhoods, we take care of the logistics for your store. Our staff ensures everything is packed and shipped right in time. 

Finding the best delivery routes

Not only distance can stand in the way of fast delivery. External factors are difficult to predict, such as weather, traffic, or construction sites. To manage the unpredictability of the final delivery steps, we have focused on a logistical solution for the last mile.

Our developed traffic system is more competent than usual maps apps. We analyze traffic in real-time and use artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to make the last mile run more smoothly. With our AI-driven route optimization software, we can guarantee shorter delivery times, reducing fuel costs and high employee utilization. 

Our AI engine takes in previous data about routes, traffic, and obstacles in the neighborhood and can predict the perfect routes at any time of day. It can also determine the best route between different destinations so that delivery drivers don’t waste time canvassing each customer. Equipped with real-time notification, the system also informs the recipient about the status and location of their package. Such transparency improves visibility for the customer, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Get your parcels to your customer with click-and-collect

The final option that will help you contend with increased e-commerce traffic is click-and-collect. Customers can buy their desired products online, pay for them, and receive a delivery code to quickly pick up their finished products at a store or dedicated distribution center. This model is becoming increasingly popular in the Americas and the Asia Pacific regions. Post-pandemic customers say they want to use click-and-collect more often.

Click-and-collect can help stores reduce logistics and costs when demand is high. Most customers enjoy this option because they don’t have to wait for packages to be delivered. Rather, they can stop by and pick up their packages as they choose. This drives store efficiency and greater customer satisfaction during high-demand times.

Hot Sale: Why Logistics Cannot Be Overlooked

Hot Sale is an incredibly exciting time in Mexican e-commerce. There are great deals and bargain purchases to be found across the board. At the same time, however, retailers must be ready for the madness of this week. Logistically, this means preparation for the run on products and confirmation that delivery can be made on time. Selling products is only one part of the e-commerce puzzle. Delivering the products – especially during peak demand – cannot and must not be overlooked.

Are you ready to gain a competitive edge by investing in a logistics solution for e-commerce? Find more info about CARGAMOS logistic solutions here.